To the north of Oklahoma City lies Edmond, a beautiful city that is in the middle of the state. Since 1890 and after the Oklahoma Land Run, Edmond has experienced a rise in the population, which has been fueled by the growing economy of the region. Edmond offers great potential for anyone looking to move here or just visit. There is an abundance of attractions to see and activities to do as this city in Oklahoma County is filled with historical sites and attractions to interest every preference from the shopping enthusiast to the history buff to the adventure seeker. The size of Edmond gives it an intimate feel that makes residents feel like they know each other.

The History

Edmond Oklahoma may have been formed in 1890, but it was in the history books long before that. In 1832, Washington Irving included Edmond as part of his exploration. Agricultural activities characterized the economy of the town in the late 1860s after the Chisholm Cattle Trail opened. To this day, Edmond has retained some of its agrarian past with activities such as cattle ranching, equine breeding, and farming.

It was in 1886 when the government surveyed the region as the site for the Santa Fe rail line that ran between Arkansas City and Gainesville, Texas. Edmond was the site chosen to set up a station for fuel and water because it was the highest location on the Santa Fe line. Due to its location, Edmond grew into an important stop, especially for food, and that is why the town has so many restaurants today. At the time, the town was part of the “Unassigned Lands,” which is what led to the first great land rush that began on April 22, 1889.

What to See and Do

One historical monument to see, whether as a tourist or resident, is the first public schoolhouse, which is still in the same location. It is between Boulevard and Broadway, and visitors can book an appointment or go on the first two Saturdays of the month. The University of Central Oklahoma is one of the three colleges that were established when the town was formed, and it’s first building, Old North, is another attraction not to miss.

Edmond has a wealthy population of parks that offer a slew of activities to engage in when in the town. Individuals can hold picnics, go fishing or have some family fun in parks like Bickham-Rudkin, Shanon Miller, and Whispering Heights, among others. Arcadia and Twin Bridges lakes are great spots for swimming, boating, and camping.

Economic Activities

Edmond is home to several institutions that provide numerous employment opportunities. The town has about 200 restaurants, so this is one area that contributes significantly to the economy. Retail, technology, and manufacturing are other sectors that offer jobs in the area. The University of Central Oklahoma, public schools, and the OU Medical Center are some of the biggest employers not only in the town but Oklahoma county as a whole.

Edmond Oklahoma is a historical city that has a lot to offer tourists and new residents. The town has developed exponentially to provide people with all the services they need.