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HVAC System Service Appliance Repair Edmond

Air conditioning repairman rewiring a compressor unit

An HVAC system is a pricey investment that needs to be well maintained for it to serve you as long as it should. It is important that you fix any damages while they are still minor before they escalate to major issues. Regular maintenance done by a professional technician allows you to deal with repairs as soon as damages arise. When it comes to your HVAC system, you need to be financially prudent to avoid extra expenses. 

Effects of debris and garbage on HVAC systems

Your HVAC system relies on systems of tunnels, and pipes. Any form of clogging or any garbage inside the systems means your HVAC systems will not work efficiently. When you notice your HVAC is acting up, take action before it completely breaks down. Invest money in preventive maintenance for a comfortable indoor environment. By doing regular repairs, you balance your finance by not letting damages accumulate. In case your HVAC system breaks down, make sure you sort out the problems it has before resuming use. 

Saves Money and Energy

The main reason why HVAC systems are installed is to achieve a comfortable indoor environment. HVAC service is especially beneficial during extreme weather conditions. HVAC repair Oklahoma City offers annual maintenance for your HVAC’s optimal functionality. Dealing with damages as soon as they happen saves you money because ignoring minor damage will most likely lead to a bigger issue that will end you costing you more. It is better to make regular repairs rather than wait for damages to accumulate. HVAC repair Edmond Oklahoma offers excellent repair services that save you from any complications in the future. When you repair HVAC system you ensure its efficient and reliable, additionally, you also save energy. A malfunctioned system usually consumes more energy as it struggles to keep your home properly conditioned.


When you have a properly functioning HVAC system, you achieve the comfortable home environment you require. Ensure your use proper disposal methods so that you don’t clog your drainage system. Even with a properly be challenging to deal with the foul smell when your drainage system is not functioning well. For service call today 405-531-0055 or on the web at

The Best Garbage Disposal Unit Repair Services In Edmond Oklahoma

Repairman working on the plumbing system and garbage disposal under a modern kitchen sink, with a plumbers tool tray and equipment


Are you worried about the strange noises that your garbage disposal unit and the fact that it is not working as perfectly as it should? Like most people, you use this unit on a regular basis when you are cooking and disposing the garbage after cooking the meals. However, a broken unit can prove to be a huge nuisance. Chances are that the unit will not turn on, and if it does turn on, it makes strange noises. A leaking unit also spreads unpleasant smells throughout your kitchen making it impossible for you to cook foods over there. In case the unit’s drainage system is clogged, water will take a long time to drain out of the unit. When this unit ceases working properly, the waste materials begins to pile up elsewhere. Apart from this, an improperly functioning garbage disposer can also pose dangers, especially for your fingers, when you insert it between the sharp blades of the unit to find out whether it is broken or if there is just a clog in the drain.

Stop the inevitable from happening

If you do not get the unit repaired immediately, it might malfunction even more. There are cases when individuals have had to replace their existing garbage disposal unit with a new one because they did not call a specialist to repair it. We at Edmond Appliance Repair specialize in garbage disposal repair in Edmond. We offer same day garbage disposal service. Our professional garbage disposal repair Edmond Oklahoma technicians, armed with the latest diagnostic tools will find the fault with your garbage disposal unit, and fix it using original equipment manufacturer spares. This ensures that your unit will function as if new. We also include a warranty on the replaced parts and shall replace them free of charge if they fail to function within the warranty period. Contact us, the leading repair garbage disposal professionals of Edmond Oklahoma, for an obligation free quote, and allow us to fix your unit before it is too late. For more details, visit today.


Quality Ice Maker Appliance Repair Edmond Oklahoma

Close-up Of A Technician Repairing Ice Maker In Kitchen


If you reside in Edmond, Oklahoma, having an ice maker is a must, irrespective of the time of the year, considering the mild winters and scorching summers of the area. These gadgets are quite handy, especially when you need ice when extra guests visit your place or when you plan to throw a party. The ice maker offers you convenience, sans the botheration of refilling ice trays with water and waiting for it to freeze. However, life can become a nightmare if the device starts malfunctioning or gets broken. You might attempt to repair the gadget by yourself, if you are technically inclined, but will face problems in finding genuine spare parts. Searching online will provide you with details of many service centers who claim to offer the best ice maker service at down to earth prices. However, is there any surety that their technicians have the experience required to undertake ice maker repair, have the diagnostic tools to detect the problem, or stock original equipment manufacturer spare parts?

Never take a risk

You should never offer the job of repairing your gadget to an unknown company, particularly when you can depend on professionals like Edmond Appliance Repair, unarguably the foremost ice maker appliance repair Edmond Oklahoma. Our factory trained ice maker repair Edmond professionals are available round the clock to repair your ice maker. Armed with the state of the art diagnostic tools, they will detect the problem with your ice maker machine and repair it using original parts. Out past and existing clients refer our name whenever their friends or colleagues request them for reference about the best ice maker service Edmond. Our knowledgeable, trained, and certified technicians will get your gadget up and running in no time. They will also provide you with tips on how to maintain your gadget so that it does not break down again. Why do you not contact us today for an obligation free quote?


Importance Of Timely Dishwasher Repair

dishwasher service edmond

Male Worker With Toolbox Repairing Dishwasher In Kitchen


The dishwasher is among a number of modern household appliances that make life easier for individuals, which is remarkable particularly in this fast-paced world.  Timely appliance maintenance and repair of this appliance is a great way of ensuring that it keeps functioning optimally.  This will, in turn, provide you with the benefit of its convenience for many years to come. Essentially, scheduling regular maintenance service for your dishwasher will lessen the downtime of your appliance.

When your dishwasher is in need of repair, its importance, though typically taken for granted, becomes tremendously clear; this is especially true in busy households.  When this occurs, it becomes extremely important to hire a dishwasher repair Edmond Oklahoma expert to fix it.  A number of repair companies provide these kinds of services.  However, hiring the services of an experienced and reputable company, known for its reliability and has been is in operation for many years, is highly essential.  

If you are in need a knowledgeable, dependable and reliable dishwasher service Edmond Oklahoma company, our experts at are the ultimate choice.   All of the members of our technical service staff are fully licensed, well trained and knowledgeable about the latest developments in our industry.  Our years of experience in repairing, restoring and refurbishing all models and brands of major household appliances make us experts in the field.  The professional, high-quality repair service we provide include the upkeep of various appliances and quick response to your needs, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  In addition, we offer cost-effective dishwasher service as we are well aware that our customers are always in need of fast action and want it at an affordable cost.

For additional information on the services Edmond Appliance Repair Company offers, you can call (405) 531-0055 or log on to

Expert Oven Repair In Edmond Oklahoma

Young Woman Looking At Male Worker Repairing Oven Appliance Using Multimeter In Kitchen Room


Is your oven frustrating your cooking experience? Well, Edmond appliance repair is here to help. A faulty cooktop can really affect your lifestyle, and that’s why we are committed to providing fast, reliable and budget-friendly solutions to a broad range of oven issues. Our company is committed to keeping up with the latest technological advancements especially in the kitchen department. With us, oven service and repair just got a whole lot easier.

Oven service Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond appliance repair is a locally owned and operated company specializing in a broad range of appliance repair including oven repair. We are fully licensed and insured to offer appliance repair services in Edmond Oklahoma and its environs. Our flexible operation schedule means you can drop off your oven for servicing and repair at our workshop or better yet, we can come to you anywhere in Edmond. 

Our full range of oven repair services

Our service technicians excel at handling just about any problem that you may encounter with your oven from faulty temperature sensors, defective broil elements, and faulty digital timers to damaged igniting components. Our trusted technicians are skilled at repairing cooktops from popular models such as LG, Samsung, Saturn, Blanco and many more. Your trusted oven repair Edmond specialist is always on hand 24/7 to tackle any problem you may encounter. Thanks to our professional yet affordable approach, we have evolved into Edmond’s leading appliance repair company.

Contact us

Feel free to reach us at (405) 531-0055 for professional oven care and maintenance service. We also offer free repair estimates to all our customers. At Edmond appliance repair, our goal is to achieve 100% consumer satisfaction.  More information on our full range of services is available from our website. Connect with us through our social media platforms and be the first to know about our discounted offers.

3 Common Signs Your Clothes Dryer Needs Repairs

Repairman Repairing Washer In Front Of Young Woman In Kitchen At Home In Edmond Oklahoma


If you heavily rely on your clothes dryer to dry your clothes quickly, you should ensure your dryer is always in pristine working condition. Doing so will prevent inconvenient breakdowns and ensure your electric dryer maintains its energy efficient. More importantly, it will ensure your dryer is safe to operate. In fact, a study by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found that faulty dryers are responsible for about 3,000 house fires in the US every year. Even worse, these fires cause death, injuries and millions of dollars in property damage. One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your electric dryer is to schedule regular maintenance with dryer repair Edmond OK service. In essence, you should contact dryer repair Edmond OK service if you notice any of the following problems with your electric clothes dryer:

Strange noises — Strange/unusual clothes dryer noises can be anything from axle problems to foreign objects in the drum belt. If you cannot determine the exact cause of this problem, you should get a qualified technician to inspect your dryer and carry out the necessary repairs.

Dryer cycle problems — Ranging from failure to complete a cycle and long drying times, these problems are usually caused by malfunctioning computer boards, timers or thermostats. For this reason, only a qualified technician would be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Damp Clothes – This is probably the most obvious sign that you need to get an experienced technician diagnose your electric clothes dryer and carry out the necessary repairs.


A faulty clothes dryer is not only energy inefficient, but also a health and safety hazard. For this reason, you should schedule regular maintenance with dryer repair Edmond OK service. Visit today for all your dyer maintenance and repair needs.

When Things Go Awry With The Clothes Dryer

Young Repairman With Spanner Looking Inside The Washing Machine


The clothes washer and dryer have come a long way since the days of clothes wringers and scrub boards, but sometimes you pay for that convenience when things go wrong and the mechanisms are too complex to handle without a professional. The following are several common dryer problems and what a clothes dryer service can do to get your clothes dry in convenient time once again.

Problem: The Clothes Dryer Won’t Turn On

The first step here is to make sure that electricity is flowing to your dryer. Then, check and make sure all buttons are fully pressed. If the dryer still won’t turn on, the problem is likely one of several. The problem could lie with an old, frayed cord. The start switch could be faulty. Or the thermal fuse might be tripped. A professional can easily identify and deal with these relatively minor issues.

Problem: The Dryer Isn’t Spinning or is Making Unusual Noises

Because a clothes dryer has a variety of moving parts, when pieces start to wear, they begin to get noisy and not move as well. Many such noises are like pain signals from the dryer–signs that something is going wrong and attention needs to be brought to the problem. A clogged or worn out blower wheel might be the cause of the problem. The glides located in the drum’s closer end often begin to show wearing signs over time and require replacement. The support rollers supporting the dryer’s drum can be quite noisy if they are worn and need to be traded out for new ones. And the belt, which wraps around and makes the drum turn, can begin to thump as it requires replacement.

Problem: No Heat

If the dryer is tumbling but not producing heat to dry clothes, a few culprits could be behind it. The thermal fuse is a repeat offender here. Also potential problems are with the heating element and temperature switch. Gas dryers might have an ignitor problem. 

Clothes dryer repair in Edmond OK can easily examine and rectify the source of these problems and more. Just contact Appliance Repair Edmond at 405-531-0055.

Is Your Washing Machine A Problem?

washing machine repair service edmond ok


Is doing laundry a hassle because your washing machine is not working properly? Perhaps, it starts okay but doesn’t spin or the agitation is so strong, the machine is bouncing on the floor. Maybe your washer doesn’t drain completely so you’re left with dripping clothes. You have even noticed an oily puddle on the floor. 

Any kind of damage to the machine or to your clothes can be costly. There is also the stress of not having the laundry done when you and your family expected. There is absolutely no convenient time to have piles of dirty clothes. Whether there is a gradually worsening problem, or the machine has actually stopped working, you need a professional repair technician. 

Benefits of Timely Repair Services

Don’t pretend that noise will go away or you’re only imagining the shuddering during the spin cycle. Admit it is not normal to have to wring the clothes before putting them in the dryer. There are several benefits to contacting a repair service at the first sign of trouble. You will:

• Prevent more, perhaps permanent damage to this expensive appliance

• Prevent damage to water and electrical systems

• Eliminate the frustration of not knowing if your clothes will actually be washed 

• Save wear and tear on overly agitated clothes  

The Edmond Appliance Repair Solution

It is time to contact the washer repair Edmond residents have come to trust. The people at Edmond Appliance Repair understand how you want to have confidence in your clothes washing machine. Whether you need emergency/same day service or can wait a few days for a scheduled appointment, we are there for you.

Our certified, knowledgeable technicians can quickly assess the problem with your washer, no matter what brand it is. We will give you an estimate of costs so there are no surprises. The estimate is free if we do the repair. You can count on the job being done as efficiently as possible.

We are committed to you, our customer. Competitive pricing and exceptional service are the foundation of our reputation as the washer service Edmond residents call first. If you see even the beginning of a problem, don’t delay. Contact us today:

Edmond Appliance Repair

1940 NW 164 STE C Edmond, OK 73013

(405) 531-0055

My Freezer Has Quit And Everything Is Thawing Out! Who Do I Call?

freezer repair
When your freezer has stopped working, you cannot afford to waste time. You need freezer repair as quickly as possible.

Freezer Service In Edmond OK For Health And Safety

It does not take long for food to start thawing after a freezer quits. Perishable foods will spoil, and this can endanger your family’s health. Food safety requires freezer repair before the food has a chance to thaw.

There are many different issues that can affect a freezer. Only a qualified technician can diagnose the problem and resolve it in a timely manner.

Refrigeration Repair Edmond OK To Save Money

While your health is important, there can be more at stake than food safety. As freezer issues can have a variety of causes, prompt attention can help your technician decide if the freezer can be repaired.

If it is not repaired, problems may worsen. The freezer may end up beyond repair, and need to be replaced. It is much more economical to deal with your freezer’s current problems than to allow it to worsen and replace the entire freezer. You can save a considerable amount of money by asking for help as soon as you notice a problem.

Sub-zero Freezer Repair Edmond OK For The Best Service

When you want fast, effective service, Edmond Appliance Repair is the only company you need to call. Regardless of the freezer issue or freezer brand, we are ready to help.

You can call at any time, and receive service the same day. If you are concerned about cost, we can provide an estimate before we start working on your freezer. Equally important, our work is guaranteed.

If you have ever lost food due to freezer failure in the past, or purchased a new freezer to replace one that had broken down, you will appreciate the difference. Call (405) 531-0055 to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment.

When do I need an Appliance Repair Service Call?


Appliances are a necessity in all residential and commercial kitchens. From microwaves and refrigerators to blenders and mixers, appliances simply make life easier for everyday cooking and chores. However, what if a certain appliance conked out due to mechanical failure or mishap? While you may try DIY repair techniques, this may void your warranty or cause additional damages. With this in mind, you need a licensed and certified appliance specialist to repair and salvage your units. With years of extensive industry experience, Edmond Appliance Repair has successfully serviced many homes and businesses across Oklahoma.

The Benefits of Appliance Service Calls

With appliance service in Edmond OK, you get professional services each and every time. From washers and dryers to freezers and stove — range tops, our experts have the tools and expertise to pinpoint and resolve most issues. Whether your refrigerator not cooling or a backup in the waterline is present, our technicians are able to restore optimal functionality and performance for all appliances. With free estimates and service quotes, all services and repairs carry warranties. Similarly, our team specializes in appliance parts and components replacements, along with complete overhauls of existing systems in kitchens and other rooms.

All Appliances Serviced

At Edmond Appliance Repair, we are proud to service a wide range of brands. This includes Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Jenn-Air, Sears and much more. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to schedule a complimentary appliance repair consultation. As your premier appliance service in Edmond OK, we have a proven track record of timely and cost-affordable repairs. We also perform appliance installations, service and maintenance for all new and existing brands. If your appliances are malfunctioning or simply need replacement due to age, we will meet all your needs within time and budget.

For a timely and affordable appliance service call, simply contact or visit: