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Questions to ask before repairing or replacing appliances

washing machine repair service Edmond Oklahoma

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Appliances not working correctly? Ask these questions prior to you calling the service technician or heading to the appliance store.

Ice cream is thawing in your freezer. Your oven will not heat up. Your clothes dryer quits spinning. If any one of these equipment break downs has happened more once than when, you’re possibly considering the options of what to do– appliance repair or replace?

Major residential appliances can be major costs, as well as it can be stressful when the moment involves repair or change out of an appliance. For example, a premium, side-by-side refrigerator/freezer or an exquisite cooktop can run upwards of $2,000, according to specialists, who are good at situating as well as obtaining estimates for home renovation services. Like any type of cost-conscious consumer, you most likely wish to prolong the life of your appliances as long as possible as well as choose the most effective time to replace them.

Choosing if it’s time to repair or change home appliances can be tough, but there are some basic standards to assist you. Answering these 2 inquiries may help make clear which option is best for you:

1. Just how much will the repair service cost?

Edmond Appliance Repair a home appliance repair service in Edmond, Oklahoma, claims you need to think about changing an appliance if the expense to fix it is more than half of the price of a brand-new one. The price and availability of substitute parts is likewise an essential consideration when choosing whether to fix or replace devices.

” There are times that you have no choice however to change since the part that is defective is no longer manufactured,” Edmond Appliance Repair ” claims.

But the cost as well as logistics of setting up a new appliance also require to be factored in. They claim an appliance repair service may still be an excellent alternative, “as long as it’s a bit less expensive than a new one,” and if it means preventing the complex installation of a built-in home appliance.

If your equipment experiences what is called a “catastrophic failure,” requiring substantial expenses in parts as well as labor to take care of it, then it’s off to the appliance store you opt for a brand-new purchase.

2. Exactly how old is the appliance?

If you’re choosing when to change home appliances, you can use the 50 percent guideline to the age of your devices as well as the price of fixing them. That would imply replacing an appliance that is more than halfway with its anticipated lifetime and also needs repair work that’s more than half its initial expense. If you go the repair path and are all about the Do It Yourself trend, consider that there are some residence repair work you need to never ever do on your own.

How old is also old?

If you’re considering when to replace home appliances, make use of the ordinary lifetime as a great reference factor. According to a lot of home appliance experts the ordinary life expectancy (in years) of typical major home appliances is:

– Compactor: 6

– Dishwasher: 9

– Disposal: 12

– Dryer: 13

– Electric variety: 13

– Exhaust follower: 10

– Fridge freezer: 11

– Gas variety: 15

– Microwave: 9

– Variety hood: 14

– Fridge: 13

– Washing machine: 10

If you feel that it is time for an appliance repair in Edmond Oklahoma call us. Edmond Appliance Repair at 405-531-0055 for fast and reliable repairs. 

Should I try to fix my own appliances myself?

Your situation:

Should I try to fix my own appliances myself?

If you have ever looked at you dishwasher or refrigerator and wondered, Can I just repair this myself? A little research on the subject and you may find that find that this is a little more complicated than you thought.

When servicing appliances there are steps a trained appliance repair technician will follow that will complete the repair quickly and and in a safe manner. Safety from high voltages is critical for the technicians well being and your operation of the appliance. A trained appliance repair technician will know what to do. You probably will not. Why risk your safety and damaging your appliance when it can be repaired safely and quickly?

Your solution:

Appliance repair in Edmond Oklahoma is waiting to hear from you. Thats when you should call Edmond Appliance Repair at 405-531-0055 or visit our website at

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Professional Dishwasher Services In Edmond OK

dishwasher service and repair Edmond Oklahoma


We at Edmond Appliance Repair know the problems you have to face if your dishwasher stops working or does not function as it should. Here are a list of common problems that dishwasher owners face:

The dishwasher does not start

In case you hear a humming sound when trying to turn on the dishwasher, chances are that its motor might be sticking. If the dishwasher does not start and you do not hear a humming sound then the problems could be either a damaged switch, wiring gone bad, or a clogged pump. You need the help of our dishwasher repair professionals to fix this issue.

The dishes do not get clean

This problem can be attributed to malfunctioning of the components of the dishwasher such as the spray arm or float switch. This problem also occurs when you fail to scrape debris from the dishes or overloading the device beyond its capacity. The factory trained technicians of our Edmond Oklahoma dishwasher service have the know how to diagnose and fix these problems, ensuring that your dishwasher runs as if new. Contact our dishwasher repair Edmond Oklahoma company and we will send our certified technicians to your home or business to quickly fix this issue.

The equipment keeps filling up

This happens when your dishwasher goes into overload mode. The float switch is most likely the culprit. If not attended to in time, you could end up with excess usage of water and a mess of soapy water in your kitchen. A stuck water inlet valve or a stuck timer can also cause this problem.

There are many other symptoms that your dishwasher is malfunctioning. Some of the prime indications are:

• The equipment does not fill

• Water leaks from the equipment

• Water does not drain, and

• Door does not latch etc.

Instead of taking a risk by calling a non-professional and damaging your dishwasher in the process, contact us at Edmond Appliance Repair. We are the leaders in dishwasher service Edmond Oklahoma and only use original equipment parts plus offer a warranty on our repairs and services. Call us today at (405) 531-0055 or contact us today online at this link.

It’s summertime in Edmond Oklahoma and your freezer isn’t working?


Young Male Repairman Fixing Freezer In Kitchen


Summer is upon us and if you are reading this page in Edmond Oklahoma and if your freezer has shut down or is not working up to par then you may need professional help.

You might check and see if it plugged in and that it has power to it but beyond that don’t wait and loose all of that food and other items in it to thawing out.

Call toady for help. Edmond Appliance Repair for freezer repair services in Edmond Oklahoma. 405-531-0055 or you can visit our website at


Why is my electric or gas clothes dryer is not heating up?

dryer repair and service Edmond Oklahoma

Clothes dryer repair service. Young technician examining and repairing tumble dryer. Woman looking at broken household appliance. Plumber with customer. Man fixing dryer.


If your clothes dryer is not heating up here are a few things to check.

Going to your laundry room or area and putting wet clothes in you dryer and starting it letting a complete cycle run and you come back and your clothes are still wet!

This is frustrating! Stay calm and don’t worry. We can get you through this. Here are a few things you can check first.

1. The dryer is not plugged in.

2. Dryer door wasn’t completely closed.

3. The lint trap and or screen is clogged.

4. The dryer vent is partially or completely blocked. BTW this one is very dangerous as it can cause a fire.

5. The heating element is blocked with debris shutting down the thermostat.

6. If you have a gas dryer make sure you have gas flow. Make sure the gas valve supplying the dryer is on.

7. Check to see if you have a tripped circuit breaker in your electrical panel.

Make sure your washing machine’s spin cycle is wringing enough water out of the clothes. Really wet clothes will take forever to dry in the dryer.

8. Other common issues that can cause dryer issues:

1. The thermal fuse

2. Defective heating element

3. Broken thermostat

4. Defective timer motor

5. An electrical or gas problem.

If you are not able to determine your problem after these steps call the professionals.  Edmond Appliance Repair at 405-531-0055 or on the web at

Best dishwasher repair service Edmond Oklahoma

best dishwasher repair service edmond oklahoma

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Is your dishwasher leaking? Won’t power up? Don’t wait because service problems will only get worse and can cost more money if you wait. Call the best dishwasher repair service in Edmond Oklahoma. Call today. Edmond Appliance Repair for all of your appliance repair needs in Edmond Oklahoma. 405-531-0055 or you can visit us on the web when you click this link.

Freezer Repair Service Referrals Edmond Oklahoma

freezer repair service edmond oklahoma

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There are few things much more irritating than strolling into your home or business as well as realizing that your refrigerator- freezer has actually quit working. Chances are you really did not find this in time and whatever was in it it has actually thawed out. Apart from costing you money as you toss every one of the items away, you are thinking of all the cash it will set you back to replace it.

You might be able to discover budget friendly repairs if you look to your friends as well as fellow appliance service proprietors for assistance. Commonly you have the ability to get good recommendations or referrals from other individuals within your circle of friends as well as associates. Chatting via their experiences with appliance repair work companies you must be able to locate a person that will work and perform quality repairs as well as maintain you requirements.

When you are trying to find referrals, search for someone that can refer you to an organisation that services refrigerators and freezers very comparable to yours. Naturally, repair services and also businesses that work on a regular basis on freezers will certainly have familiarity with a great deal of different brand names. You will however still need to work with someone that has certain experience with a repair like your own.

There are a number of points that can go wrong or require to be changed with freezers like yours. It could be something really, very particular like the electronics. Or, you may locate that the coils or various other cold components are what need to be worked on. No matter, you require to find someone that can identify the issue properly and offer you a good cost on the substitute components.

If you aren’t able to locate someone with your close friends or fellow company owner, then you will want to access a service guide from your community or city. Locate a couple of various names of companies that do the sort of freezer repair service that you think you need. It is best to have the names of a business that does repair services available, prior to you in fact need the upkeep job done.

In the case of an emergency situation, you might be able to discover a business that will certainly visit your home or business throughout off hrs, like night time or holidays. There are many trusted businesses that pride themselves on offering top quality twenty-four hour solutions. You may have the ability to locate a repair services company such as this if you require and also you will want to have the machine back up as well as running in the past normal business hours.

When you locate a company that you are interested in you can book time for your required repairs, you might intend to call them to get a estimation of cost. They must have the ability to offer you an estimate over the phone, evaluating components and also repair costs if possible.

Refrigerator-freezer repair is a great alternative if you have an interest in salvaging your original freezer and also don’t want to pay the high rate of replacing it.

When you need refrigerator-freezer repairs give us a phone call today! Visit us at to learn about our  repair solutions.

When you are looking for referrals, look for someone that can refer you to a business that works on refridgerator-freezer very similar to yours. Of course, appliance repair companies that work consistently on refrigerators and freezers will certainly have experience with a lot of different brands.

If you aren’t able to locate a freezer appliance repair service in Edmond Oklahoma via your friends or associates, after that you will desire to access an local business guide from your community or city. You might be able to find an appliance repair service company like this if you require and you will certainly want to if you need to have your freezer back up and also running before routine business hours.

If all else fails call us today at Edmond Appliance Repair at 405-531-0055 or you can visit our website.

Washing Machine Repair Service Edmond Oklahoma – Usual Issues Associated With Washing Machine Timer

washing machine repair service Edmond oklahoma

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Washing Machine Timer assists in the administration of the washing machine in a set way. It assists in providing the power supply to all the parts of the washing machine in a systematic way.

It includes a switch for managing the timer and also it is thought about as the biggest dial on the main control panel of the maker. It varies according to the brand name of the washing machines. Some brand name machines have such attribute in the form of a mechanical device and also it appears like a clock. Some other brands have digital electronic variation and also this aids in reviewing the timer.

The timer programs the washing machine to carry out cleaning in the precise defined length of time. The start switch in the washer is usually a component of the timer knob as well as aids in the setup of the timer for the correct cycle of cleaning to happen. Pressing the knob or turning makes it to activate as necessary. There are two kinds called the digital and mechanical types. It can be set up just with the help and guidance of the appliance repair specialist.


The selector switch and also the handles vary from one machine to one more. The washing machines can run only with the help of the timer. Timer is generally called the start button for the washer. The digital variation is controlled digitally with the aid of an electronic button. Mechanical type is defined as the one taken care of immediately. Digital one is a current invention and a number of the new brand names have them these days. A mechanical version is taken into consideration as the finest and also it aids in managing the time for cleaning the clothing manually. The previous is run with the assistance of electronic devices, which basically means it’s attached to electric cords. The last is attached to the cables of the device and also they are run manually.

Typical associated issues

The washing machine timer is in charge of regulating most of the features in the control and also the makes changes on the washer, tub filling as well as draining process, ascertainment of water degree, setup of cleaning cycle and the period of cleaning.

The common troubles occurring hang connections with the timer switch.

Occasionally it reveals a malfunctioning time and the entire cleaning procedure is affected. The breakage of the cords inside the cleaning devices also create the exact same outcome.


It is linked to bulk of the parts and also procedures of the washing machine. Appropriate functioning is important, or else it impacts the functioning of the washer.

The timer must be constantly kept dry for appropriate functioning of the equipment. Considering that it is online linked, splashing of water and other oily elements or soapy water leads to the damage of the timer. Thus after the cleaning process, it needs to be kept dry and also tidy. Installment of a brand-new one can be made with the assistance of a seasoned appliance repair technician. It aids in setting specific cycles in the activity of the washing maker and also the knobs must be utilized with correct care.

Following of the above said details as well as info concerning it aids in giving a long and also durable life. It is the primary instrument in the washer as well as it helps to reveal the numerous length of cycles associated with each process. The working of the component is connected with bulk of the parts of the washing machine. This helps in presenting the total size of the washing cycle.

The timer tells the washer to do cleaning in the exact defined length of time. The start button in the equipment is generally a component of the timer knob as well as helps in the setup of the time for the proper cycle of cleaning to take place. The washing machine can run only with the assistance of the timer. It aids in establishing particular cycles in the operation of the washing machine and the handles ought to be utilized with appropriate treatment.

It is the primary tool in the washing machine and it aids to show the various length of cycles included in each procedure.

If you are having problems with your washing machine call us today at Edmond Appliance Repair. 405-531-0055 or you can visit our website.