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The refrigerator in one of the most important gadgets in your kitchen. Apart from keeping your perishable foods fresh, it also provides you with cool drinking water to quench your thirst during the summer season. However, like all other gadgets, it too has a mean time between failures. Due to regular use and wear. You should take immediate action, and call a professional technician to detect the fault and fix it, as not doing so might cause stress to other electromechanical parts inside it, compounding the problem. The problem can be as simple as the device not cooling to the set temperature, which might be due to a faulty thermostat or leakage of coolant from the compressor.

Other issues

The compressor of this device should stop after it has cooled the inside of the refrigerator to the set temperature. In case the compressor keeps on running continuously, it could be due to accumulation of debris on the coils located under the gadget whose task it to dissipate heat from the fridge as the refrigerant fluid passes through them. The compressor will have to work harder to remove the heat in case debris accumulates on the coils. In case of significantly dirty coils, the compressor will have to run continuously in order to cool the gadget, leading to stress on the compressor as well as inflated power bills.

Time to call the experts

There are many other causes that lead to malfunctioning of your refrigerator. If you are a citizen of Edmond and require refrigerator repair, contact us. We at Edmond Refrigerator Repair specialize in refrigerator service and are the leading refrigerator repair Edmond Oklahoma based company. We have many years of experience in repairing all brands of fridges and are also regarded by our clients as the leading refrigerator service Edmond Oklahoma providers. You can call us whenever you like as we offer services round the clock. Our factory trained and fully licensed technicians will visit your place, detect the problem with your refrigerator using the latest diagnostic tools, and fix the problem by replacing the damaged parts with original equipment parts. Contact us today at405-531-0055 for an obligation free quote.

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